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Full text of "The Fate Of Man In The Modern World"

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62                       THE FATE OF MAN

betrayed.   He has ceased to be the supreme value :
he has been replaced by values which are really
beneath him in the scale.    Our epoch faces the
question of whether man shall continue to exist,
or be replaced by quite another being, produced
by class and social, or racial and national training.
There is a difference between Italian Fascism
and German Naziism in both style and symbol-
ism.    The Italian Fascism is based upon the
symbol and myth of the state as the higher being
and the supreme value;   it strives to continue
the Roman tradition and is classic in style.    In
fact it is much better, much less tyrannous, than
German National-Socialism, although its deifica-
tion of the state is a patent return to paganism.
German National-Socialism is based upon the
symbol and myth of the race as a higher form
of being and the supreme value.   It loves to
talk of the spirit of the German people, of the
earth, of the mystical significance of blood :  its
style is romantic.    The state is only an instru-
ment in the hands of nationality and the race.
But this touches the inner being of man far more
vitally than the fascist ideology of the state.    The
development of a pure and powerful race becomes
a maniacal, pathological idea, something which
demands a psycho-analysis of the whole people
which has fallen into a state of collective insanity
and demoniac possession.